#OOTD for a date to Marina Bay Sands's Future World: Where Art Meets Science

It's 3 days to June and there are pretty many activities planned for the school holidays.
It's as well for the benefit of couples who are always thinking of where to go and what to do on their dates. A couple who loves the same activities do last long in their relationship, don't you agree? But again, I believe couples with different interests also bring out the best out of each other too! :)
There is a new attraction added to Marina Bay Sands's Future World: Where Art Meets Science - Graffiti Nature
This brand new installation is an ecosystem of animals, flowers and butterflies that move freely between Town and Park. Use your imagination to create fantastic and colourful flora and fauna, which reclaim parts of the urban setting and move through the environment without the confines typically imposed on them by people. Like graffiti, they exist in the in-between spaces outside daily life. However, they are not confrontational or destructive, but rather contribute positively to the environment they inhabit. They fulfill a dreamlike vision of nature and humanity co-existing harmoniously in the world.
(Article excerpt from Marina Bay Sands website)


 Jaya Crochet Panel Top in White

Sonia Tweed Layer Skorts in White






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